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Buffalo has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, from a redeveloped waterfront and revitalized neighborhoods to a burgeoning craft beer scene and over $1 billion in new investment.  Relive where President Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office. Step on board a river cruise into the city’s industrial past. Or discover the formative years of an American television icon at the Buffalo History Museum.  On display at the Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park are three decommissioned battleships that launched in the 1940s and saw more than their share of battle. The USS Little Rock, the only guided missile cruiser open to the public; the destroyer USS The Sullivans, and the USS Croaker, a submarine that sits on the National and New York State registers of historic places.  Walk the same tight hallways and through the various decks and control quarters that the service men and women did nearly 75 years ago.

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