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Founded in 1988, Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. (AFR) is proud to present our monthly series of informative newsletters, bringing over 100 years of reunion planning staff experience to each issue. (BMR) was created to provide an online marketplace where military reunions and reunion-friendly destinations and hotels can connect. Finally, groups can meet year after year, coast to coast, with our attrition-free hotel contract. BMR Star Hotels are the epitome of what it means to be reunion-friendly. Please join us and allow the BMR Star to shine brightly on your next reunion.

Of special interest in our monthly newsletters will be:

Ted’s Talk – Insights on a variety of industry topics
Meet a Veteran – Interviews with national heroes
Destination of the Month – Columns highlighting Top Reunion Destinations
Reunion Specialist – Interviews with leading reunion-friendly hoteliers
Hot Hotel Deals – Specials offered by BMR Star Hotels

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