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Only the nation’s leading military reunion planner, founded in 1988, could offer this first-of-its-kind nationwide incentive to military reunion groups. Earn $250 to $3,000 just by using AFR’s expertise in hotel contracting and event planning. For first-time clients this Special is good for booking a reunion in the next open year (2016, 2017, or 2018), anywhere in the U.S. For current AFR clients the Special is valid for a reunion booked in either 2017 or 2018. This offer applies to a single reunion.

There are two categories of incentives offered: 1) AFR negotiates the group’s hotel contract or 2) AFR negotiates the hotel contract and provides its full array of event planning services (tour planning, free registration website, onsite registration and more). Groups can earn from $250 to $3,000, with a check made payable to the group within one month of the reunion. There has never been a promotion like this. Any city, any hotel, anytime! Please CONTACT US to learn more about this Special AFR Promotion. The following conditions apply.

  • Minimum of 100 rooms used on peak night required to be eligible, based on final pickup.

  • Payment will be made to Group within one month after the reunion.

  • Group may meet in any city at any time during the year of the Promotion (2016 for new groups, 2017 for existing AFR groups), as long as AFR is the Agent of Record.

  • To qualify for the Full-Service Award AFR must handle the tour planning aspect of the reunion, and we’ll of course provide our wide array of other unmatched services.

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