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Why Contract With (BMR)?

  • Low-Risk BMR Reunion Contract accepted by hotels nationwide
  • Connecting reunions to a trusted network of reunion-friendly hotels
  • Specials and concessions offered only through BMR

Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. is shaping the way major hotel brands contract with military reunions – with value, trust and a win for all. harnesses the power of the reunion market, securing concessions that groups could never gain on their own.

Attrition-free contracts at reunion-friendly hotels. (BMR) is designed to connect smaller reunion groups with reunion-friendly hotels that accept BMR’s simple, low-risk contract. Rather than signing complicated contracts with national brands written by corporate lawyers to benefit the hotel, take advantage of our simplified contract written by us to benefit your military reunion. Worry no more about Room Attrition Clauses and Food and Beverage Minimums. Find the perfect reunion hotel by selecting a city from the ‘Search Hotels’ tab on the top menu bar.

BMR Star Hotels

BMR Star & Featured Hotels have the seal of approval from Armed Forces Reunions, Inc., BMR’s parent and the nation’s #1 military reunion company for over 25 years. When a hotel listing has the BMR Star logo you know you’re dealing with a reunion-friendly hotel that has accepted our attrition-free Short Form Contract.  To get started complete the ‘Get a Proposal’ form on each hotel’s dedicated page. By booking hotels through BMR you can sail from safe harbor to safe harbor, year after year, coast to coast – with the best rates available.

What is an attrition clause and why should I worry?

A hotel contract’s attrition clause makes your group responsible for using 75-90% of the sleeping rooms you book in a contract, and your group must pay for unsold rooms below that minimum. Hotel contracts also have ‘Food and Beverage Minimums’ that must be met. Don’t expose your group to financial risk any longer. Smaller reunions that fall shy of contracted numbers do not cause significant financial damage to a hotel, and BMR Star Hotels know they will book more business by being reunion-friendly and accommodating.